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GU26 ? GU18 ? GU13 ?

Posted by Nick Majors on

The GU24 (2 pin twist & plug) connector is an established standard for energy efficient CFL (Compact Fluorescent) light bulbs. Recently a client asked about GU26's? Having never heard of a GU26 connector - it took a little research to learn that at least one manufacturer was using terms like GU13 / GU18 / GU23 / GU26 - as "part numbers" . . . leading some consumers to think that it was the specification for yet another bulb / connector type. So a 'GU26' is actually a GU24 - 26 watt - CFL Spiral Twister; and 'GU18' = GU24 - 18 watt,  'GU13' = GU24 -...

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