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Toronto Lighting Delivery
Light bulbs can be delivered same day - directly to your building's concierge - anywhere within our current delivery area - for orders placed before 12:00 noon.  You can order light bulbs, one at a time or only as needed (likely for the same cost or less than you now pay). No need to waste limited storage space stocking bulbs for future use.


Installation Service calls are available (for additional charge) by appointment to customers who would like to have their light bulbs delivered and "installed" by one of our service professionals.

These On-Site Service Calls to install new bulbs purchased from eLightful are $35.00 per visit (in addition to the cost of bulbs ordered)

12 Month Service Contract providing unlimited visits to install new light bulbs is just $100 per year (in addition to the cost of bulbs).



Lighting & Energy Audits

Introducing a new level of service - designed for those who "Don't Have the Time" (or just don't care).

We can arrange a convenient one-time appointment to visit your home or business to audit, list and document every bulb & fixture - room by room.

You will never again have to guess at what size, type or wattage bulb you need for any particular room or fixture. Full Details Here.


Disposal of used and broken light bulbs

We can even provide Free Pickup & Recycling or Disposal of used or broken light bulbs for our customers