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FLUORESCENT Tubes & Bulbs (all sizes / all shapes)

You can determine a Linear Tube's type (T4 / T5 / T8 / T12) by comparing it's 'tube width' - to a standard Canadian $1 - 'loonie'

  • T12 - is 1.5 inches in diameter and should be wider than the loonie
  •  T8 - is 1 inch - about the same width as the loonie
  •  T5 - is .625 inches (slim) - about half the width
  •  T4 - is very thin (and not commonly used) at only 1/2 inch in width

Toronto Light Bulb Information

NOTE : The "Length" measurements of fluorescent tubes - usually - include the pins on both ends of the bulb
(*known exceptions are T4's - specifically the F24/T4)

Pictures are 'representative' of shape & design.
Actual product may look different than shown.

If you can't find or identify a specific Linear Fluorescent bulb,
the following Cross Reference List by Manufacturer
may be of help.