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Find Linear Fluorescent T5 / T8 Lighting Tubes (Cross Reference)

eLightful carries a wide selection of high quality Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb Tubes for condo, household and small business needs. We have all of the most common types, lengths, wattages and colour temperatures.

If you can't see or find your bulb type - the listing below may be of help

Replacement Fluorescent Tubes - Cross Reference by Manufacturer Part #

(*Not all brand names are for sale - Reference Only)

 Length   Watts   Color Temp  Generic (& other) Part #'s
 Toronto Canada Light Bulb Finder T5 Slim Style Miniture Bi-Pin (Pre Heat)
6" 4w Cool White (*Pre Heat)     F4T5  F4T5/CW  F4T5/C  F4T5/Cool White
6" 4w Day Light (*Pre Heat)     F4T5  F4T5/DL   F4T5/D  F4T5/Day Light
9" 6w Warm White (*Pre Heat)     F6T5  F6T5/WW  F6T5/W  F6T5/Soft White
9" 6w Cool White (*Pre Heat)     F6T5  F6T5/CW  F6T5/C  F6T5/Cool White
9" 6w Day Light (*Pre Heat)     F6T5  F6T5/DL   F6T5/D  F6T5/Day Light
12" 8w Warm White (*Pre Heat)     F8T5  F8T5/WW  F8T5/W  F8T5/Soft White
12" 8w Cool White (*Pre Heat)     F8T5  F8T5/CW  F8T5/C  F8T5/Cool White
12" 8w Day Light (*Pre Heat)     F8T5  F8T5/DL   F8T5/D  F8T5/Day Light
21" 13w Warm White (*Pre Heat)     F13T5  F13T5/WW  F13T5/W  F13T5/Soft White
21" 13w Cool White (*Pre Heat)     F13T5  F13T5/CW  F13T5/C  F13T5/Cool White
 Length   Watts   Color Temp  Generic / Philips / Osram Sylvania / GE Lighting / other Part #'s
 Toronto Canada Light Bulb Finder T5 Slim Style Miniture Bi-Pin (HE - High Efficiency & HO - High Output)
22" 14w (HE) Warm White F14T5/830  F14T5/830/ALTO  FP14T5/830/ECO  F14WT5/830/ECO  FL14T5/830
22" 14w (HE) WW + F14T5/835  F14T5/835/ALTO  FP14T5/835/ECO  F14WT5/835/ECO  FL14T5/835
22" 14w (HE) Cool White F14T5/841  F14T5/841/ALTO  FP14T5/841/ECO  F14WT5/841/ECO  FL14T5/841
22" 14w (HE) Day Light F14T5/850  F14T5/850/ALTO  FP14T5/850/ECO  F14WT5/850/ECO  FL14T5/850
22" 14w (HE) DL + F14T5/865  F14T5/865/ALTO  FP14T5/865/ECO  F14WT5/865/ECO  FL14T5/865
22" 24w (HO) Warm White F24T5/830  F24T5/830/ALTO  FP24T5/830/ECO  F24WT5/830/ECO  FL24T5/830
22" 24w (HO) WW + F24T5/835  F24T5/835/ALTO  FP24T5/835/ECO  F24WT5/835/ECO  FL24T5/835
22" 24w (HO) Cool White F24T5/841  F24T5/841/ALTO  FP24T5/841/ECO  F24WT5/841/ECO  FL24T5/841
22" 24w (HO) Day Light F24T5/850  F24T5/850/ALTO  FP24T5/850/ECO  F24WT5/850/ECO  FL24T5/850
22" 24w (HO) DL + F24T5/865  F24T5/865/ALTO  FP24T5/865/ECO  F24WT5/865/ECO  FL24T5/865
34" 21w (HE) Warm White F21T5/830  F21T5/830/ALTO  FP21T5/830/ECO  F21WT5/830/ECO  FL21T5/830
34" 21w (HE) WW + F21T5/835  F21T5/835/ALTO  FP21T5/835/ECO  F21WT5/835/ECO  FL21T5/835
34" 21w (HE) Cool White F21T5/841  F21T5/841/ALTO  FP21T5/841/ECO  F21WT5/841/ECO  FL21T5/841
34" 21w (HE) Day Light F21T5/850  F21T5/850/ALTO  FP21T5/850/ECO  F21WT5/850/ECO  FL21T5/850
34" 21w (HE) DL + F21T5/865  F21T5/865/ALTO  FP21T5/865/ECO  F21WT5/865/ECO  FL21T5/865
34" 39w (HO) Warm White F39T5/830  F39T5/830/ALTO  FP39T5/830/ECO  F39WT5/830/ECO  FL39T5/830
34" 39w (HO) WW + F39T5/835  F39T5/835/ALTO  FP39T5/835/ECO  F39WT5/835/ECO  FL39T5/835
34" 39w (HO) Cool White F39T5/841  F39T5/841/ALTO  FP39T5/841/ECO  F39WT5/841/ECO  FL39T5/841
34" 39w (HO) Day Light F39T5/850  F39T5/850/ALTO  FP39T5/850/ECO  F39WT5/850/ECO  FL39T5/850
34" 39w (HO) DL + F39T5/865  F39T5/865/ALTO  FP39T5/865/ECO  F39WT5/865/ECO  FL39T5/865
46" 28w (HE) Warm White F28T5/830  F28T5/830/ALTO  FP28T5/830/ECO  F28WT5/830/ECO  FL28T5/830
46" 28w (HE) WW + F28T5/835  F28T5/835/ALTO  FP28T5/835/ECO  F28WT5/835/ECO  FL28T5/835
46" 28w (HE) Cool White F28T5/841  F28T5/841/ALTO  FP28T5/841/ECO  F28WT5/841/ECO  FL28T5/841
46" 28w (HE) Day Light F28T5/850  F28T5/850/ALTO  FP28T5/850/ECO  F28WT5/850/ECO  FL28T5/850
46" 28w (HE) DL + F28T5/865  F28T5/865/ALTO  FP28T5/865/ECO  F28WT5/865/ECO  FL28T5/865
46" 54w (HO) Warm White F54T5/830  F54T5/830/ALTO  FP54T5/830/ECO  F54WT5/830/ECO  FL54T5/830
46" 54w (HO) WW + F54T5/835  F54T5/835/ALTO  FP54T5/835/ECO  F54WT5/835/ECO  FL54T5/835
46" 54w (HO) Cool White F54T5/841  F54T5/841/ALTO  FP54T5/841/ECO  F54WT5/841/ECO  FL54T5/841
46" 54w (HO) Day Light F54T5/850  F54T5/850/ALTO  FP54T5/850/ECO  F54WT5/850/ECO  FL54T5/850
46" 54w (HO) DL + F54T5/865  F54T5/865/ALTO  FP54T5/865/ECO  F54WT5/865/ECO  FL54T5/865
58" 80w (HO) Warm White F80T5/830  F80T5/830/ALTO  FP80T5/830/ECO  F80WT5/830/ECO  FL80T5/830
58" 80w (HO) WW + F80T5/835  F80T5/835/ALTO  FP80T5/835/ECO  F80WT5/835/ECO  FL80T5/835
58" 80w (HO) Cool White F80T5/841  F80T5/841/ALTO  FP80T5/841/ECO  F80WT5/841/ECO  FL80T5/841
58" 80w (HO) Day Light F80T5/850  F80T5/850/ALTO  FP80T5/850/ECO  F80WT5/850/ECO  FL80T5/850
58" 80w (HO) DL + F80T5/865  F80T5/865/ALTO  FP80T5/865/ECO  F80WT5/865/ECO  FL80T5/865
 Length   Watts   Color Temp  Generic (& other) Part #'s
 Toronto Canada Light Bulb Finder T8 Medium Bi-Pin (Pre Heat)
18" 15w Warm White (*Pre Heat)     F15T8  F15T8/WW  F15T8/W  F15T8/Soft White
18" 15w Cool White (*Pre Heat)     F15T8  F15T8/CW  F15T8/C  F15T8/Cool White
18" 15w Day Light (*Pre Heat)     F15T8  F15T8/DL   F15T8/D  F15T8/Day Light
36" 30w Cool White (*Pre Heat)     F30T8  F30T8/CW  F30T8/C  F30T8/Cool White
36" 30w Day Light (*Pre Heat)     F30T8  F30T8/DL  F30T8/D  F30T8/Day Light
 Length   Watts   Color Temp  Generic / Philips / Osram Sylvania / GE Lighting / other Part #'s
 Toronto Canada Light Bulb Finder T8 Medium Bi-Pin High Performance Fluorescent Tubes
24" 17w Warm White F17T8/830  F17T8/TL830 ALTO  FO17T8/830/ECO  F17T8/SPX30/ECO  FL17T8/830
24" 17w WW + F17T8/835  F17T8/TL835 ALTO  FO17T8/835/ECO  F17T8/SPX35/ECO  FL17T8/835
24" 17w Cool White F17T8/841  F17T8/TL841 ALTO  FO17T8/841/ECO  F17T8/SPX41/ECO  FL17T8/841
24" 17w Day Light F17T8/850  F17T8/TL850 ALTO  FO17T8/850/ECO  F17T8/SPX50/ECO  FL17T8/850
24" 17w DL + F17T8/865  F17T8/TL865 ALTO  FO17T8/865/ECO  F17T8/SPX65/ECO  FL17T8/865
36" 25w Warm White F25T8/830  F25T8/TL830 ALTO  FO25T8/830/ECO  F25T8/SPX30/ECO  FL25T8/830
36" 25w WW + F25T8/835  F25T8/TL835 ALTO  FO25T8/835/ECO  F25T8/SPX35/ECO  FL25T8/835
36" 25w Cool White F25T8/841  F25T8/TL841 ALTO  FO25T8/841/ECO  F25T8/SPX41/ECO  FL25T8/841
36" 25w Day Light F25T8/850  F25T8/TL850 ALTO  FO25T8/850/ECO  F25T8/SPX50/ECO  FL25T8/850
36" 25w DL + F25T8/865  F25T8/TL865 ALTO  FO25T8/865/ECO  F25T8/SPX65/ECO  FL25T8/865
48" 25w Warm White F25T8/48/830  F25T8/48/TL830 ALTO  FO25T8/48/830/ECO  F25T8/48/SPX30/ECO  FL25T8/48/830
48" 25w WW + F25T8/48/835  F25T8/48/TL835 ALTO  FO25T8/48/835/ECO  F25T8/48/SPX35/ECO  FL25T8/48/835
48" 25w Cool White F25T8/48/841  F25T8/48/TL841 ALTO  FO25T8/48/841/ECO  F25T8/48/SPX41/ECO  FL25T8/48/841
48" 25w Day Light F25T8/48/850  F25T8/48/TL850 ALTO  FO25T8/48/850/ECO  F25T8/48/SPX50/ECO  FL25T8/48/850
48" 28w Warm White F28T8/830  F28T8/TL830 ALTO  FO28T8/830/ECO  F28T8/SPX30/ECO  FL28T8/830
48" 28w WW + F28T8/835  F28T8/TL835 ALTO  FO28T8/835/ECO  F28T8/SPX35/ECO  FL28T8/835
48" 28w Cool White F28T8/841  F28T8/TL841 ALTO  FO28T8/841/ECO  F28T8/SPX41/ECO  FL28T8/841
48" 28w Day Light F28T8/850  F28T8/TL850 ALTO  FO28T8/850/ECO  F28T8/SPX50/ECO  FL28T8/850
48" 32w Warm White F32T8/830  F32T8/TL830 ALTO  FO32T8/830/ECO  F32T8/SPX30/ECO  FL32T8/830
48" 32w WW + F32T8/835  F32T8/TL835 ALTO  FO32T8/835/ECO  F32T8/SPX35/ECO  FL32T8/835
48" 32w Cool White F32T8/841  F32T8/TL841 ALTO  FO32T8/841/ECO  F32T8/SPX41/ECO  FL32T8/841
48" 32w Day Light F32T8/850  F32T8/TL850 ALTO  FO32T8/850/ECO  F32T8/SPX50/ECO  FL32T8/850
48" 32w DL + F32T8/865  F32T8/TL865 ALTO  FO32T8/865/ECO  F32T8/SPX65/ECO  FL32T8/865
 Length   Watts   Color Temp  Generic (& other) Part #'s
 Toronto Canada Light Bulb Finder T12 Bi-Pin Linear Fluorescent Tubes
15" 14w Cool White (*Pre Heat)     F14T12  F14T12/CW   F14T12/C  F14T12/Cool White
24" 20w Warm White (*Pre Heat)     F20T12  F20T12/WW  F20T12/W  F20T12/Soft White
24" 20w Cool White (*Pre Heat)     F20T12  F20T12/CW  F20T12/C  F20T12/Cool White
24" 20w Day Light (*Pre Heat)     F20T12  F20T12/DL   F20T12/D  F20T12/Day Light
36" 30w Warm White (*Pre Heat)     F30T12  F30T12/WW  F30T12/W  F30T12/Soft White
36" 30w Cool White (*Pre Heat)     F30T12  F30T12/CW  F30T12/C  F30T12/Cool White
36" 30w Day Light (*Pre Heat)     F30T12  F30T12/DL   F30T12/D  F30T12/Day Light
48" 40w Cool White (*Pre Heat)     F40T12  F40T12/CW  F40T12/C  F40T12/Cool White
48" 40w Day Light (*Pre Heat)     F40T12  F40T12/DL   F40T12/D  F40T12/Day Light
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