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Customer Reviews & Feedback (also Latest News / Blogs)


Thanks so much for getting the 20W GU10's out to me!

They are exactly what I wanted & was unable to find in literally every other bulb-selling store. Sorry that you had to go through so much trouble to get that order to me.. thanks for following through & even giving me a partial refund for the wait. They look great & give the perfect glow onto our hardwood!

(email from satisfied customer)


Thank you Nick for having the best store, and for . . .

supplying hard to find and great quality bulbs, especially for those of us living in the downtown core. Hope you have a nice weekend and I wish you lots of success! Oh, and I now have light again in my apartment...thanks to you! Take care, (a very happy & thankful customer)

(email from satisfied customer)

Two E.

One of the best places I've been to in terms of customer service. Nick and his team work well to get you what you need and fast!

This place is AAA+ with customer service. My bulb had gone out and they kindly gave me two bulbs on the house to go home and try them out to see if it was the bulb itself or the fixture. Highly recommend. They deliver as well!


(Review from


Yup - you offer an awesome service.


(customer email)


Exceptionally friendly!

Couldn't find anywhere to buy bulbs for our condo. Got a flyer in the mail and ordered everything we needed.

(Google+ Review)


GREAT business idea!

This is our third order. Our company now buys all of it's bulbs from Elightful. Keep up the great work. This is the kind of service and convenience that Toronto needs and deserves.

(email from satisfied customer)


Finally, a nearby place to get bulbs

We visited twice this week. The staff was really helpful and we get to support local businesses.

(customer email)

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