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LED 9W Dimmable Omni Directional A19 - Energy Star
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Latest Design LED (General Purpose) Bulbs

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    9 Watt Dimmable LED Bulbs - with classic "A-Shape" - designed to replace your 60w incandescent (or 13w CFL) general household bulbs.

    (Optionally available as "Non-Dimmable" - at adjusted pricing)

    Why is this Elightful bulb better than other LED's ?

    • Fully approved for Enclosed Fixtures (*most others are not)
    • Dimmable (*many others are not)
    • Approve for Damp Locations (*most others are not)
    • Light in All Directions (300°) (*others limited to 240° - 270°)
    • Energy Star Certified (*others are not)
    • 5 Year Guarantee (*others have only 2 or 3 year - "limited by usage" - warranties)

    If replacing 60 watt bulbs - you could save $9.00 per Year / per Bulb (in hydro costs alone)  That's MORE than the cost of the bulb itself - almost like getting FREE Light Bulbs!

    Note : When upgrading to LED bulbs, it is recommended that you do them in sets - or an entire area - at a time.  The light produced by LED's can be subtly (but significantly) different than the halogen, incandescent or CFL bulbs being replaced. 

    Customer satisfaction with this product is 100% guaranteed. It is In stock and ready to Quick Ship from Toronto, Canada.

    (*All prices are in Canadian Dollars - 25-30% below US)

    (Detailed Specs & Features)
    Shape Standard A19
    Base E26 / E27
    Electrical Usage 9 watts
    Brightness 800 lumens
    Efficiency 88.8
    (lumens per watt)
    Colour Temperature Traditional 2700k
    (Warm / Soft White)
    Height 4.36 inches
    (111 mm)
    Width 2.36 inches
    (60 mm)
    Brand / Manufacturer Greenlite
    Certifications Energy Star
    Omni Directional 300°
    ("light everywhere")
    Fully Enclosed Fixtures YES
    Dimmable YES
    Instant ON YES
    Suitable for Damp Locations YES
    Shatterproof YES

    Because Light Bulbs . . . Should be the Least of your Worries

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