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GU10 MR16 Halogens
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Halogen GU10 Spot Lamps used in multiple areas

  • $495 (CDN)
(CDN Dollars)

MR16 / GU10 Halogen light bulbs are the most common bulb found in suites at 80 John Street.  They are used in many locations including:

  • Spot Lights above Kitchen Island
  • Washroom ceilings and overhead Shower Lights
  • in the Miele Exhaust Fan

Most users prefer 50 watt - but also available as 20w or 35w.

Our bulbs come with built-in cover glass (safety lens).

  • Halogen Bulbs can be VERY hot.  Always allow time to cool
  • Try not to get finger prints or skin oils on the bulb surface.  This can decrease bulb life

ALSO AVAILABLE as state of the art LED's.

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