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Pin Based - CFL Plug In - 70w - QUAD TWIN TUBE With 4 Pin Base
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70w - QUAD TWIN TUBE with 4 pin base

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70 watt CF-TR / CF-M type bulbs (aka PL-T 4P, DULUX T/E or QUAD BIAX Q/E) have four 'U' shaped twin tubes attached to the connector block - with 4 small contact pins (2 each side) extending from the bottom.

(Some brands have only 3 bent tubes - others 4. This does not affect usage or functionality)

Non-Integrated Compact Fluorescents (CFL's) with the "GX24q-6" connector are powered through an external electronic ballast built into the fixture/outlet.

  • Twin Tubes : 4
  • Base : GX24q-6 (4 pin)
  • Wattage : 70w (equivalent ~300)
  • CRI : 82
  • Light Output : 5200 lumens
  • Height : ~8.20 inches (208 mm)
  • Width :  ~2.28 inches (58 mm)
  • Rated Life : 12,000 hours

Available Color Temperatures

(*27K is normal room lighting with incandescent or halogen bulbs)

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Cross Reference for CFTR / CFM / PLT 4P / DULUX TE / BIAX QE Bulbs

High quality replacement for the following - Generic, Philips, Osram Sylvania & GE Lighting - part #'s :

70w 3000k - CFTR70W/GX24q/830, CFM70W/GX24q/830, PL-T 70W/830/4P/Alto, CF70DT/E/IN/830/ECO, F70QBX/830/A/ECO, F70QBX/SPX30/4P

70w 3500k - CFTR70W/GX24q/835, CFM70W/GX24q/835, PL-T 70W/835/4P/Alto, CF70DT/E/IN/835/ECO, F70QBX/835/A/ECO, F70QBX/SPX35/4P

70w 4100k - CFTR70W/GX24q/841, CFM70W/GX24q/841, PL-T 70W/841/4P/Alto, CF70DT/E/IN/841/ECO, F70QBX/841/A/ECO, F70QBX/SPX41/4P

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