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President's Message : "SELLING LIGHTBULBS ?"

Who is Nick Majors and why he started eLightful Products and Services Inc.?

June 28, 2013
Toronto, Canada

"Determined to be the BEST - Light Bulb Company - ANYWHERE!"


My name is Nick Majors and I would like to take a few minutes to tell you who I am and why I created and am proud to be introducing you to -

First of all, I was formerly the founder and CEO of Actionfront Data Recovery Labs Inc., a privately owned computer services company that grew to be widely recognized as a world leader in the niche techniques of hard disk drive data recovery and computer storage devices.

Then in November 2005 - after 20 years of successfully building the business - I sold my company to Seagate Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:STX) - and promptly retired!

I was asked to stay on as an executive with the parent company (and have since had many opportunities to rejoin the business world), but I decided - at age 52 - to retire from active business involvement and spent the next 8 years, happily embracing the benefits of my success and a wonderful life with my friends and family.

It’s was great – retiring "relatively" young, being acclaimed as an "overnight success" (even if it took some 20 long hard years of working at it) and enjoying an enviable lifestyle.

So, what's happened? Why come out of retirement now to start a new business?

Bored?   Running out of money?   My ego needs to show I can "do it again"?

No, it all started 4 years ago, when I bought a luxury condo in downtown Toronto . . .

In 2011, I moved into a new 2 bedroom suite in the Festival Tower (Bell Lightbox) above TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival).  I still owned my country home in Uxbridge, but it was wonderful spending time in the heart of Toronto's vibrant business and entertainment district.

After a few months, one of the light bulbs installed by the original builder, burnt out.  And then another one, and another one.  No problem, I'll just run out to the local convenience store or drug mart and pick up a replacement. Right?

It took me some time to disassemble the light fixtures and remove the bulbs, only to find that "Halogen GU10" lamps were not readily available in the neighbourhood.  And neither were the "22 inch T5 fluorescents" from my bathroom.  Even the nearby lighting store had to custom order them for me.

I talked with other residents.  The problem was commonplace.  Several of them had burned out lights in their homes and just "lived with it" until they could find time to buy and install new bulbs.  Our building's Facebook page regularly had posts asking where to find one bulb or another and if anyone knew which bulb went into which fixture.

WAIT A MINUTE!  Of all the things that may frustrate or concern urban condo owners - light bulbs doesn't need to be one of them. There has to be a better way.  I can get pizza in 30 minutes, why not a better way to get lightbulbs?

So, together with a talented team of individuals (largely former employees) - we have created and are excited to be launching eLightful Products & Services Inc.

We are committed to changing the way consumers buy and order lighting products by better recognizing their needs and redefining their expectations. We are not trying to always offer the lowest pricing - but always - the Best Value and More Convenience than has ever been available!

Thank you and please give us a try - you won't be disappointed.


Nick Majors


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