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Festival Tower LED's

Upgrading to LED's from traditional light bulbs has many benefits - including reduced energy consumption and significantly extended bulb life - but there can be drawbacks.

Some installed light bulbs are not readily available in LED versions.

T5 Fluorescent Tubes and G4 or G9 Halogen Capsules - DO NOT HAVE reliable LED alternatives.

However, the Halogen MR16 / GU10 bulbs used throughout most suites have a viable LED option that is worth considering. 

Elightful also has a selection of LED's for general usage including our Value Pack of 6 x High Quality Dimmable LED Bulbs - for standard A19 lighting fixtures.

Note : When upgrading to LED bulbs, it is recommended that you do them in sets - or an area at a time.  The light produced by a single LED can be subtly (but significantly) different than the bulbs being replaced.