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Festival Tower - 80 John Street

These are the light bulbs most commonly used (installed by the builder) at 80 John Street.

  • All products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Any problems with fitment, performance or suitability - please contact us for replacement or refund
  • We carry a full supply for ALL types, shapes and sizes of Light Bulbs
  • $5 Flat Rate Shipping Fee (per order)
  • Orders are Direct Delivered to the building concierge - twice weekly

Questions or problems - Please Contact -
(or you can phone/message "Nick" at 416-565-8999)

*If your lights have been privately upgraded or replaced since construction - you many require different bulbs then the ones below. If you find any bulbs that should be added to this list - please let us know

Pictures are 'representative' of shape & design.
Actual product may look different than shown.