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Where to find CFL Plug-in (PL type) bulbs in Canada

Posted by Nick Majors on

eLightful now has more than 70 different variants of CFL Plugin Lamps listed on our website.

Whether you are looking for PL-S / PL-C / PL-T /PL-L (2 or 4 pin) you will find what you need.

 Self ballasted CFL Plug-in lamps have either 1, 2 or 3 (Single, Double or Triple) - "Twin Tubes"

These twin tubes are the "U-shaped" fluorescent tubes (as pictured) that extend from the base of the bulb.

Tubes vary in size & appearance depending on brand or design
CFL Plug In Twin Tube - OR - alternate CFL Plug In Twin Tube

NOTE: The word QUAD is often used by manufacturers when describing - Double  (2 x twin tube) models.  There are some actual 4 x twin tube designs - but they are not commonly found in consumer or general purpose applications

 Bulbs then attach to the lighting fixture with an integrated 2 or 4 pin connector that is built into the base. These "G" or "GX" type pin connectors come in many different 2P & 4P configurations that are specific to the wattage and bulb model.

eLightful carries hundreds of CFL Plug-in (PL Type) lamps. With 70 different variants we provide the largest selection in Canada (in-stock & ready to ship). Except for a few manufacturer specific, proprietary models - we have almost every type, size, base, wattage and colour temperature available.  

Find your exact bulb by determining if it has 1, 2 or 3 "twin tubes"
and then whether the connector on the base uses 2 - or - 4 pins.

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